Advisory Services

i3000 provides advice to senior executives, company boards and other decision making bodies on the application of technology to their business challenges. Advisory services take many forms and are tailored to our clients’ specific needs; however, our services broadly cover:

Strategy and Growth

i3000 works with businesses to develop comprehensive strategies for product development, product or service introduction, customer acquisition/retention and operational improvement.

For businesses seeking to develop new markets, be it new target clients or the introduction of new product offerings, i3000 can assist with market evaluation, competitor analysis and product positioning.

Cloud computing is a significant trend with the potential to increase agility and lower costs. i3000 develops cloud strategies to assist our clients to understand and leverage the opportunities of cloud computing.

Decision Support

i3000 helps our clients make decisions. Typically these decisions are related to internal investment in technology and/or change. Which projects should we start/initiate? What projects should we stop? What partner/vendor should we use? What is the return on this investment?

  Alignment Audit

i3000 uses a robust methodology to assist businesses to align their objectives, operations and investment initiatives (programs and projects). To do this we work with senior management to understand the objectives of the business, expected outcomes and investment environment. Sometimes this phase requires definition or redefinition of the objectives - strategy development.

Business operations and initiatives are analysed with particular emphasis on tangible benefits and metrics. Once the state of alignment is understood, actions to improve the situation are planned and implemented.